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How to setup vercel domain with google domain


Problem: Vercel is a platform to easily deploy and host the nextjs code. if you use Vercel domain, it's very easy to config. if you already have a google, it requires some extra step to configure it.


  1. In settings tab, Domain, type your google domain and click add button:
  1. Normally just use the default config, and click done.
  1. Now you will see both the domains shows Invalid configuration and then next step is to config the google domain.

  2. Go to your google domain account, go to DNS - Custom Record, click Manage Custom Record button, you will see something as below:

  1. Copy the relative Ipv4 and Domain name content from vercel domain settings to google domain settings. Notice: the default google record should only have one row, you need to add a row and set type to CNAME

  2. It takes some time for vercel to apply the new settings, and once it finish, it will auto generate a certificate. πŸŽ‰